Kansas City Beverages Complex

 Beverage & Brewery Complex

Renovations have begun for the development and equipment installation of a 200,000 gallon daily water purification plant to support our beverage production of:

Purified Waters, Mineral Waters, Sodas, Nutritional Juices, Energy Drinks, Flavored Teas, Ciders, Brewed Coffees, Beers, Spritzers, Spirits and Wines.

The Company will be serving local, regional and national distribution for:

Retail Stores (grocery & convenience), Schools, Colleges, Bars, Grills, Nightclubs, Hotels, Hospitality Events and Sporting Venues.

Are you a Beverage, Food or Beer producer/distributor seeking private-label beverage production for your retailers, hospitality or sporting event customers?

Do large production deposits and middlemen fees stand in the way of your brand or trademark development and require you to purchase ingredients, canning, labels and packaging supplies for five truckloads when you only need one or maybe you have promotional customers or alumni events that just need a palette or two?

KC Beverages Company is offering “Brand, Label & Trademark Owners With or Without Food & Beverage Distributors” anywhere in the US a full line of private-label high-growth value-brand beverages without any major investment or overhead.

We are a high capacity low cost private-label “LIQUID” manufacturer centrally located in Kansas City with the lowest production and packaging costs in the nation and 36 hour delivery to any US food distribution warehouse or dock high delivery facility nationwide.

You can create your own brands, labels & trademarks or we can help create them for you. Its like owning and controlling your own beverage production plant without the investment or overhead.

 For 2024 Production Runs, Private Label and Investment Inquiries Please Email Samuel Lipari at Slipari@KCBeverages.com

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Private Label Beverages

Premium Old Fashioned Lager Recipe

  • Hops is the agent used for flavoring all beer but the amount of hops varies depending on the style of beer. Hops are dried and pelletted to use as the flavoring agent and the beginning of the process but can also be added later for more aroma and color.
  • Barley is the grain that is malted as a source of starches and sugars that when combined with yeast create alcohol. To extract the sugars, the grain is soaked in water, allowed to germinate and then dried in a kiln.
  • Yeast is responsible for fermenting the sugars and creating alcohol. It also influences the color and flavor of the beer and effects the alcohol content. Often yeast is filtered out of beer after fermenting but sometimes left in to add cloudiness.
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